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Sport Success

Sport Success

Zoe Addinstall

Over the weekend Zoe Addinstall, a year 8 student from Hamilton Alexandra College took part in the State Pentathlon & Tetrathlon Championships at Barwon Valley.

Both Zoe and Matilda Mason won dual State titles again.

Zoe explains what the event entailed.

“A pentathlon is running, so I'm in junior so I run 2kms, then swimming, I swim 200meters, horse-riding I jump 85cm, and then I do a laser run which is shooting and running, so you run 20 meters and then you shoot, then you run 800meters, shoot, run 800 meters, finish. And then fencing, I fence, all the kids in my age group. So on the weekend I did a modern pentathlon, they had eight kids in there. And you fence every single one of them. And it’s a four bout, one hit. So you do four rounds of one hit.”

Training has been difficult for many athletes during covid-19 restrictions, but Zoe remained committed to her goals.

“I had Tully Watt, she helps me with my coaching, she represents Australia, she came and did zoom calls, with me and my friends, and that helped us with our shooting and then I just did some running at home and swimming we didn't get to do much, I just swam in our damn and rode everyday.”

Zoe has been selected for the Wannon Zone at the Victorian Championships. She said she cannot wait to start show jumping.

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On top of that she’s been selected for the South West Academy for sport. Zoe cannot wait to begin training with the Academy.

“I am very excited to start training with them and I'm very happy that they selected me to do it, it will really help me with my career.”

Balancing school and sport is challenging, but she’s grateful for her Mum who makes sure she gets to every event.

“It's extremely hard. Our usual competitions are 7 hours away, so thanks to my Mum for driving me every weekend. But this one was only 3.5 but it's a very big commitment.”

“I just go to school but then I do homework on the way to competitions or late at night.”

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