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Wonder woman 2

Wonder woman 2

Kristen Wiig officially onboard for sequel

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot and her director Patty Jenkins have officially welcomed Kristen Wiig to the superhero sequel.

The Ghostbusters actress entered talks to tackle the DC Comics supervillain Cheetah last week, and on Friday, Jenkins announced Wiig had signed on to the forthcoming project.

"So excited to confirm the most thrilling news!," she wrote on Twitter. "Yes! It's true. So incredibly lucky to welcome the sensationally talented Kristen Wiig to our Wonder Woman family. Can't wait to finally work with one of my favorites. And SO excited by what we have planned. #Cheetah!!! @GalGadot."

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Israeli actress Gadot, who will reprise her titular role as the Amazonian princess, also celebrated the news online.

"I'm SO excited welcome on board Kristen!," she posted, quipping:

"This is going to be WONDERful!"

Wonder Woman 2, which is due to hit theatres in November, 2019, will be set in the 1980s, during the Cold War between Russia and the U.S.

Cheetah has been the alter ego for a few different comic book characters since its creation by William Moulton Marston in 1943, and although it is not yet known which incarnation Wiig will play onscreen, she has long been a major adversary of Wonder Woman, and possesses feline-like qualities, including an enhanced sense of smell, quick reaction times, strength, and the ability to see in the dark.

Warner Bros. studio executives will be banking on repeating the box office success of 2017's Wonder Woman with the highly-anticipated follow-up, as Gadot's first solo superhero outing earned a stunning $821.9 million (£592.6 million) worldwide.

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