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Wild Weather

Wild Weather

Across the Western District

Wild weather has blanketed the state’s south-west and it is not letting up for another couple of days yet.

Towns surrounding Hamilton were hit by severe winds, in particular the Cavendish region, with trees coming down in paddocks and on some roads.

Many incidents were logged by the State Emergency Service in Hamilton, but it’s believed many roads in the northern parts have been impacted but not reported as of yet.

There are current road blockages at Gatum on the Cavendish-Glendinning Road, two roads at Vasey, Budd's Lane and Vasey-Gatum Road, Portland Lane at Poolaijelo and Wades Road at Kanagulk.

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Portland was hit by over 40 millimetres of rain, leaving the ground very soft, but there were only two incidents reported, trees down at the same spot on the edge of town.

Portland SES unit controller Bernie Stiles said that due to the rain creating soft ground, she expects more trees to come down in the coming days.

“We were pretty lucky to be honest, just the two call outs so far, but there’s been a lot of rain and the ground’s now very soft, so we urge drivers to be careful, trees could come down at any time,” she said.

Ms Stiles expected that more calls would continue to come in and that if anyone needs assistance, to call 132 500.

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