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Image; Macquarie Media

Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Image; Macquarie Media

South West District Football League

The South West District Football League home-and-away season is complete, and despite a 34-point loss to Heywood on Saturday, Dartmoor has clung to fifth spot.

Coleraine needed to defeat Heathmere to steal the last spot in the top five, but the Meres were too good at home, winning by 16 points against the late charging Maroons.

In the other matches, Westerns finished strongly with a 59-point win against Branxholme-Wallacedale, while Tyrendarra won by 161 points against Cavendish.

The Roos get a week off, while Heathmere and Tyrendarra play at Branxholme on Saturday, and Heywood take on Dartmoor at Tyrendarra on Sunday.

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