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Trip adviser

Trip adviser

Write a review local operators plead

Hamilton's hospitality and tourism businesses have put out a call to residents to submit a review on Trip Adviser.

Lindsay Fush Owner of Jack and Jude Cafe posted the appeal on his business Facebook page it's about locals supporting locals.

"I get asked all the time, geez I wish there was more that I could do to help. This is it. Jump on board, give reviews, get them done."

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Fushy says locals might know how good our businesses are but by submitting a review we can encourage visitors to support our local operators who've had it tough the past 12 months.

"We're going to start having a lot more people coming through town that are travelling because we're allowed to do that now, but obviously not being able to do international travel we're going to have a lot more do it in-house. So one big thing for example that can defiantly help myself, hospitality and the tourism industry is reviews on Trip Adviser."

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