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SW U/15 V’Line Squad

SW U/15 V’Line Squad

Regional Trials take place end of June

The South West U/15 V'Line Cup Squad has been announced.

Regional Trials will be held June 30 and the 7th of July at Alexandra Oval, Ararat.

Football Development Manager, Jock Whiting‌ said from the regional trials, two squads will be selected from the South West, Wimmera Mallee, Hampden, and Goldfields Ballarat squads.

Mr Whiting said, "24 boys from around this region, were selected though speaking with coaches and clubs to play in some regional trials games against the GWV Rebels region."

"From that we'll be picking two squads and those squads will represent the GWV Rebels up in Shepperton ... at the AFL Grand Final weekend."

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Mr Whiting said, "Last year obviously was very testing and we couldn't obviously get any of these academy squads off the ground at all and as for football generally, for this years games we're under the COIVD protocols and we're restricted with as what we can do but importantly we were able to get the squad together as a group and it's the first time in two years that that's happened."

"We're thrilled to have a really good bunch of boys coming together and we look forward to having them compete against the other regions." Mr Whiting concluded.

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