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Supporting local industry

Supporting local industry

Timber industry needs us

We're being asked to support jobs in regional and rural areas, including the south-west by choosing Aussie timber first.

The domestic timber industry currently employs around 13,000 people throughout Victoria, most of those in regional areas.

Locally, within the green Triangle there are nine companies who recognise a unified approach to growing the regional forestry and wood fibre industry is required to strengthen it for future generations.

Ross Hampton from the Australian Forest Products Association says the industry has so far weathered the challenges of COVID-19 but needs ongoing support.

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"It's absolutely vital in so many parts of regional Australia and that won't happen or wouldn't happen if we weren't all supporting those industries and those businesses by buying Aussie timber first. We need manufacturing in those Aussie towns as well and forest industries are obviously the main state there, so if we keep on supporting the timber first campaign, keep buying Australian timber we'll also be supporting those regional communities." Mr Hampton said.

He added, "Because of COVID we really do have to focus on local manufacturing and using what we can of our materials in Australia to support Australian jobs, especially those in the regions."

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