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Sheep Connect update

Sheep Connect update

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Ram sale to be hosted online

Unfortunate news those who were hoping to attend the largest Merino ram sale in Australia… for the second year in a row Hamilton's P&A society have moved their annual ram sale online.

The difficult decision was made by the committee due to the current uncertainty surrounding COIVD-19 restrictions. Originally planned to be held at the Hamilton Showgrounds, it will still be held Tuesday 3 August 2021. President of Sheep Connect, Dr. Kathryn Robertson said the trade conference will be postponed until later this year, with 250 trade site displays cancelled.

"We're very disappointed to have to cancel the trade part of Sheep Connect but we will put the ram sale online.”

“Last year we ran the ram sale virtually and it was a success … this year we're going to do the same and hopefully get the same support. So that will be on Tuesday... and the conference we hope to run in person later in the year so that will be postponed until then." She explained.

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Dr. Robertson expects the online ram sale to be as successful as last year. Last year’s sale resulted in 52 of 63 rams sold to a top of $15,500 and average of $3913.

"It'll be just like last year, we'll be operating through Auctions Plus, and people can bid from anywhere... we do expect similar results, people have adapted with COIVD to new formats of doing things." Ms Robertson said.

The gate program is online at .

Dr. Robertson thanked the community for their ongoing support this year and endeavour to make Sheepvention (on August 1 and 2 in) 2022 their biggest event yet.

All trade exhibitors will receive a full refund of trade site fees. You should receive an email soon if you booked a ticket.

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