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Sheep Connect to run

Sheep Connect to run

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Running as planned

Sheep Connect will be held Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd, of August.

The event will include a one-day conference on Monday and the Ram Sale on Tuesday.

President, Kathryn Robertson says traders are expected to be operating over both days with COVID marshals on patrol.

"At this stage we're very much planning that we'll be able to run the event as we had thought, obviously things may change but at this stage we're going ahead."

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"On the Monday we've got a conference happening and trade sites happening as well. And then on the Tuesday, we've got our Ram sale and traders as well."

There's a call out for volunteers.

"There's a requirement for COVID marshals per set number of people so we'll be adhering to that and if anyone wanted to volunteer, or come and give us a hand that would be much appreciated."

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