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Scoring Blunder

Scoring Blunder

South West District Netball Association

Tyrendarra has been awarded four premiership points after a scoring blunder in the A grade match against Westerns last weekend.

It was the final round of the South West District Netball Association. The final score registered saw the Roos win 43-42.

A mix up from the scorers was picked and alerted to during the week.

It was found that Tyrendarra actually won the match 44-42.

The result didn't change the ladder order and both teams meet again tomorrow for the qualifying final.

The elimination final will be played between Heathmere and Dartmoor while Cavendish will have the week's rest.

The football finals begin this weekend also, with Heathmere and Dartmoor playing in the qualifying final and Westerns battle Coleraine in a do-or-die match.

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