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Road Safety Week 2020

Road Safety Week 2020

Hamilton police cracking down on speeding

Drivers on south-west roads are being urged to consider other's lives, this road safety week.

Each day of the week will focus on a different area of road safety.

Today [18.11] is all about remembering to move over and slow down when we pass emergency services, roadside assist and roadside workers- who risk their lives every day to help us. When you see the flashing lights move over and slow down to keep them safe.

Hamilton's Highway Patrol Sergeant Darren Smart explaines what the week is all about, “This National Road safety week, real emphasis on people trying to do the right thing, to improve their driving, to concentrate, not be distracted, and obey the road rules.”

Sergeant Smart said, it is about taking responsibility for yourselve and others.

“In the Highway Patrol we obviously target people who are offending and doing the wrong thing on our roads but I'd like to ask people to take some responsibility for themselves. Don't just think about us out there, and the fact that you might get caught doing the wrong thing. Have a bigger think and think about you families and the people who will be affected if you get hurt or you hurt someone else because your driving is not up to standard.”

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Mr Smart identified speeding on south-west roads a primary problem for the district.

“Our area always sees speeding out in the 100km zones as the biggest issue, that's a real problem for us because with all the trees and the wildlife about, obviously if people run off the road, the damage they do to themselves and their vehicles and possibly someone else is increased.”

”Once again over the weekend, the highway patrol unit detected quite a high number of speeding offences out in the 100km areas, we'd just like people to slow down, you don't have to do 100km if the conditions don't suit. Just be safe and get there in one piece.” Mr Smart said.

“There's a lot of responsibility that comes back on the driver to have safe car and to drive safely and we just ask people to give us a hand.” He said.

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