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Rams' Costly Blunder

  • Rams' Costly Blunder

Grudge Match Marred By Controversy

Today's Mininera and District Football League senior clash against arch rival Penshurst will be a match Glenthompson-Dunkeld will never forget.

The Rams were always going to be up against it due to several key injuries, but one unforgivable mistake almost made it certain that they would not win the match.

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During the opening term two players, one from each club, were sent off with one of the umpires issuing a yellow card following a heated clash.

After the quarter-time break the Penshurst player remained on the bench, however in a brain fade the Glenthompson-Dunkeld player went back on to start the second term.

Before long Penshurst picked up on this and called for a headcount.

Glenthompson-Dunkeld's senior team was stripped of its entire score in today's match against Penshurst (file photo) Photo: TRACEY KRUGER.

As expected, the headcount confirmed the Rams had too many players on the field which under the rules of the game saw them completely stripped of their entire score.

At that point Glenthompson-Dunkeld 5.4 (34) trailed Penshurst 9.0 (54).

After being stripped of their score it was a huge blow for the Rams both on the scoreboard and mentally.

The Bombers looked quite in control of the match at that point, but the result of the headcount made sure the Bombers soared to victory.

In the end Penshurst 17.1 (103) defeated Glenthompson-Dunkeld 7.10 (52),

It is fair to say it was a costly lesson learnt by the Rams.