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Portland Country Week

Portland Country Week

Great Tournament

The Hamilton juniors impressed at Portland Country Week. There were mixed results throughout the torment.

Hamilton Gold defeated PDCA 75-115, going on to defeat SWCA Rep Green 120-110, lost their match against Warrnambool Gold 56-140 and were defeated by Mt Gambier 116-108.

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Hamilton Gold Cricket Club coach, Caleb Millard said the clubs goals for the upcoming season was, "to play an attackive brand of cricket, so we want to get the kids a bit of a challenge, test themselves, get them trying to bat a little bit quicker than they usually do". He said he wants them feel the pressure and teach them to deal with it and just, "give the kids the best opportunities we can".

Hamilton Green played SECA Rep Green who defeated them, 127-112. In their game against Mt Gambier they received 86-98. Hamilton green vs Horsham CA Rep saw the score 93-83, with Horsham winning first innings. In the Warrnambool Blue game, the Blue's won first innings 93-83.

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