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Player payment leak

Player payment leak


The South West District Football Netball League has been caught up in a tumultuous administration blunder, with a representative of one club being made aware of player payments at five other clubs.

A document, that is believed to have been sent to affected players, was made public on Thursday afternoon, stating that unauthorised representatives of Westerns had seen restricted files.

The club’s affected are Branxholme-Wallacedale, Cavendish, Coleraine, Dartmoor and Heywood.

In the letter, which is addressed to ‘Whom it may concern’ and is not signed off by anyone from AFL Victoria or AFL Western District, states the human error was made by a third party software provider, Simple ID.

The release reads as followed.

“To Whom It May Concern,

AFL Victoria has been made aware of an action by a third party software provider that has resulted in South West District Football Netball League player contract details being made available via the Simple ID platform to an unauthorized representative of the Westerns Football Club between 22 and 23 September 2019.

As a result of the human error, Simple ID, a third party software provider, incorrectly provided a representative of the Western Football Club with access to South West District Football Netball League’s salary cap portal.

The representative first reported the authorize access to AFL Western District on 23 September 2019.

AFL Western District then raised the matter with AFL Victoria and Simple ID that evening and AFL Victoria requested that portal access be shut down immediately.

Following an investigation by AFL Victoria, Simple ID has now provided AFL Victoria with an activity report which confirms that the representative o the Western Football Club accessed files relating to:

- Branxholme-Wallacedale Football Club;

- Cavendish Football Club;

- Coleraine Football Club;

- Dartmoor Football Club; and

- Heywood Football Club;

(Affected Clubs) on 22 September 2019.

The files accessed were spreadsheets and Individual Player Declarations relating to players of the affected clubs and their names and player payment details.

No other personal information including no banking details were included in the accessed files.

We are contacting you as an individual whose details were included in these accessed files.

Following this incident AFL Victoria has shut down the portal made available by the third party provider.

The office of the Australian Information Commissioner will also be notified of the potential for a breach of the players data.

AFL Victoria has requested that AFL Western District issue a ‘please explain’ to the representative of the Westerns Football Club as to the repeated unauthorised access to confidential information.

We are providing you with this notice so that you can assess the consequences of this incident.

In particular, we suggest you be mindful of any communications received from representatives of the Westerns Football Club, in particular in respect of any future (paid) playing opportunities.

For further steps you can take, we also recommend that you visit the office of the Australian Information Commissioners website at”

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Mixx FM/3HA has reached out to club presidents and South West District Football Netball League hierarchy, and as it stands, most are still trying to get information before making comment.

Two league board members only knew of the situation when our journalist contacted them on Friday morning.

One president did state how disappointing it was to have this happen under the watch of AFL Victoria.

“We cannot understand how this can happen. We are all doing the right thing to ensure transparency with the correct bodies, yet a person has been able to access the player payment portals,” he said.

“For a person of this club to get that information, that can be used against the clubs affected, whether it be sledging or that club being privy to information regarding players and then making counter offers moving forward.

“It’s an absolute disgrace and just very disappointing.”

More to come.

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