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Forest Fire Management Victoria And CFA Staff Igniting A Planned Burn

Easter planned burns

Easter planned burns

Forest Fire Management Victoria And CFA Staff Igniting A Planned Burn

Smoke likely over Portland

Planned burns are scheduled to take place this week and over Easter in Portland, around Gorae, Bolwarra and Mt Richmond.

Mark Mellington, Far South-West District Manager with Forest Fire Management says it's not ideal burns are scheduled as we head into Easter but it's necessary to take advantage of weather permitting.

"That's perhaps not always ideal given that we're heading into Easter and there's going to be visitors about but these are opportunities for us that don't present all that often, sometimes we're waiting five or ten years to actually get the suitable conditions for some of these burns."

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Mr Mellington said, recent burn offs have occurred up around Casterton and Digby this week.

"We've started with some ignitions earlier this week up around Casterton and Digby, we'll continue to patrol those burns but as the drying ... occurs over this week we're starting to see opportunities presenting again down in the southern part of our district."

Locals and visitors should remain alert and aware.

"If we've got burns underway, people are going to see smoke in the area. I think that it's just a matter of people keeping themselves situationally aware, doing what they can to maintain a good awareness and a good understanding of what's going on. There's a range of ways of doing that, obviously radio, certainly Forest Fire Management have a Facebook page that actually keeps a reasonably real time update of planned burn progress and ... the Barwon South West DEWLP Facebook page, there's also a range of other media outlets even including CFA South West where people can keep an eye on things. I would also strongly recommend that people familiarise themselves wit That's the best way to keep a really strong understanding of the status of burns and what's going on with them."

There could be detours along the Great South West Walk.

"At this stage we're looking to take every opportunity that we can and do what we can as those opportunities present, people can still go about their business but they would do really well to be really well advised about what they're doing, for example somewhere like the Great South West Walk it's open and it'll be open with some detours in place but people would be really well advised to ensure that the parks, forests, walks that they're looking to do, just check online that there hasn't been some sort of situation change with those areas before they go and look to carry out their recreation over the Easter period." Mr Mellington said.

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