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Phone Scam

Phone Scam

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Victoria Police are warning Hamilton, Portland and residents of the wider district to be cautious of a new telephone scam.

South-west residents should be wary of a caller posing as a police officer.

The caller identification is that of a police station, so it looks legitimate.

The caller says the victim's bank accounts have been used for fraudulent activity and if this has not been rectified they may be liable for criminal charges or arrested.

They then direct the victim to withdraw a significant amount of cash from their bank account and deposit this into another bank account, they may request you to purchase gift cards as well.

The scammers will call the victim back, who's instructed to provide the barcode numbers and contact a nominated police station to inform them that they have complied with the demands.

Calls like these do not come from Victoria Police or any other law enforcement agency.

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If you have lost money as a result of this type of scam, pleas contact Crimestoppers.

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