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Pfizer update

Pfizer update

Pfizer now available to those in 50s

Minister for Health, Greg Hunt announced yesterday [17.06.21], residents aged over 60 years will be the only people allowed to receive The AstraZeneca vaccine. After the Federal Government accepted the medical advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation.

"Pfizer is the preferred vaccine for under 60s."

There'll be a focus on getting second doses of AstraZeneca to residents.

"Strongly recommended that second doses be completed for all of those who have had AztraZeneca who are under 60 years of age." Mr Hunt said.

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South-west residents should see more doses delivered to the regions, with Mr Hunt saying the rollout is set to increase.

“The rollout of Pfizer to up to 1,300 general practices around the country and as the rest of the year continues that will be expanded. Commonwealth vaccination clinics, between now and the end of July will expand to over 136 that we'll be providing Pfizer to 40-49 groups.” Mr Hunt said.

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