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Pacific Hydro & P.D.H

Pacific Hydro & P.D.H

Solar project

On Friday.. Portland District Health turned over to solar energy following a $500,000 investment to further move away from non-renewable energy.

Pacific Hydro, donated $110,000 to the project the project consists of 1074 solar panels are already creating significant savings and improvements.

The panels are expected to reduce the health service’s environmental impact and wipe $73,540 off PDH’s annual power bill.

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Portland District Health CEO Chris Giles says the solar energy project benefited everyone in the community.

Giles says the project wasn't just about cost savings she says, “It benefits everyone in the community in one way or another because we are not only reducing our carbon footprint we are also re-investing the savings back into health services for our community.”

PDH is also reviewing its waste management procedures and investigating ways to reduce its use of plastics.

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