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Office tour dates

Office tour dates

Emma Kealy

Member for Lowan Emma Kealy is hosting mobile office tours again on April 8 and 9.

She want's to hear from locals about issues that matter to them.

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Thursday April 8

Catching Pen Café Coleraine – 10.30am

Herbert’s Bakery Casterton – 11.45am

Dartmoor General Store – 1.45pm

Digby Hotel – 2.45pm

Merino General Store and Post Office – 3.30pm

Obsidian Room Hamilton – 5pm

Friday April 9

Café Catalpa Tarrington – 9am

Penshurst Newsagency and Takeaway – 10am

Byaduk Town Hall – 11am

Stalkers Bend General Store Branxholme – 12pm

Bridge Café Cavendish – 1.15pm

Balmoral Community Store – 2.30pm

The Harrow Post – 3.30pm

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