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Nuclear Power @ Portland?

Nuclear Power @ Portland?

Local MP Suggests Nuclear is the Future for Portland

Western Victoria MP, James Purcell, is interested to hear the views from locals after suggesting nuclear power could hold the key to a prosperous future for Portland.

Mr Purcell says a nuclear plant could possibly be a viable long term option and support further industrial development.

"Alcoa has a limited life in Portland, I don't believe it'll be here in twenty years. So, my proposal is, to ask the people of Portland whether you actually do want a ghost-town, or whether you want to have cheap energy which would be able to sustain a rebuilt smelter, would be able to sustain new industry that is energy-thirsty like paper manufacturing and maybe wool combing or other energies, because these are all very heavy industries that rely on energy."

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Mr Purcell says with the closure of Gippsland’s Hazelwood Power Station, Portland could be well-placed to make up the shortfall of energy production in Victoria.

"I'm a huge supporter of wind and renewable energies, but they will only be able to take up somewhere around half the energy needs, and you need a base-load, so that when the wind stops, you still have energy, you can still turn the lights on and run your manufacturing businesses. Portland is well-placed to be able to supply energy into South Australia and into the rest of Victoria because the line is already there, and it would certainly be a big base-load that could be used to generate income."

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