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New Fire Manager

New Fire Manager

Green Triangle

Experienced forest and fire manager Anthony Walsh has been appointed the Green Triangle Fire Alliance’s inaugural fire manager.

The Hamilton-based forest manager has held the role of regional manager at PF Olsen Australia for the past decade with previous experience in management roles at Sustainable Forest Management Australasia and ITC Limited.

Mr Walsh says he's looking forward to working with the community. He said he’s priorities lie in improving “the way we work together, to reduces across the region and to protect the community.”

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He said, “I am looking forward to delivering on the key focus areas of this first-of-its-kind industry fire plan which has the potential to transform fire management in the Green Triangle, particularly for cross border communities.

“The Green Triangle is a powerhouse in the forest and timber sectors and the reliance on our high- quality timber is growing due to the pressures of lost supply on the east coast of Australia during the devastating fires of last summer. More than ever we need to protect this important resource, using new innovations and technologies to futureproof our sector, ensuring our estate is here to support our communities for generations to come.”

“The delivery of the FireHawk camera and emergency management system in recent months is just one step in the strategic plan to enhance our response, protecting and supressing the threat of fire more efficiently and safely. I look forward to working with our cross-border agencies and key stakeholders to realise the next steps of this important plan.”

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