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National Land Transport

National Land Transport

An important highway

The Federal Government has added the Princes Highway from Colac to the South Australian border to the National Land Transport Network.

The move recognises the critical importance of the section of highway, as a key freight link for the Victorian and National economies.

Member for Wannon, Dan Tehan welcomed the decision, saying sections of the Princes Highway in Victoria had been deemed some of the riskiest sections of road in the state.

Member for the South West Coast, Roma Britnell says, the works need to commence right away.

Ms Britnell said the state government appeared reluctant to take up the federal government funding, after more than a year since the money was offered.

"They have an opportunity to get a major road upgraded for half the price. I don't know why they aren't jumping at that opportunity," she said.

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The state government has allocated $140 million worth of funds to the project.

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