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Name Change

Name Change

Rotary Hamilton

“The Rotary Club of Hamilton North, Inc has changed its name to the Rotary Club of Hamilton, Inc,” announced President, Brian Jenkins.

The change was recommended in an all of club review of Rotary’s relevance in 2021. Mr Jenkins added that “as there has only been one Rotary club operating in Hamilton over the past three years, it was deemed appropriate to fully recognise Hamilton rather than Hamilton North in all future branding”.

The club will brand itself as “Rotary Hamilton”, he said.

Rotary Hamilton is embarking on an ambitious rejuvenation program during the coming year to increase its exposure in the community.

Its recent partnership with the Shire of Southern Grampians in redeveloping the Brumley Park playground at Lake Hamilton is an example of what Rotary does best. This project was the Club’s Centenary of Rotary in Australia project.

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Rotary Hamilton’s annual Art Show is on again after its cancellation last year due to COVID-19. The show will be held from 7 to 10 October 2021 at the Hamilton Performing Arts Centre.

Numerous local projects are supported ranging from the very young, with books for babies, through to aged care, world class science experiences for students and with disaster relief funding such as fire and floods when required.

Rotary International supports projects including the eradication of Polio, the reduction of malaria throughout the world and disaster relief.

“Rotary Hamilton looks forward to engaging more with the community and attracting members of the community who are interested in volunteering in a worldwide organisation,“ said Mr Jenkins.

**Media release by Rotary Hamilton***

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