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Mulching and Slashing

Mulching and Slashing

FFM: Across the South West

Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) has begun its mulching and slashing program to reduce bushfire risk around towns in the Far South West District.

The program treats around 2,000 hectares each year, and complements other fuel management activities carried out across the district, such as planned burning, hazardous tree works and road re-sheeting.

Areas being targeted during the program include:

  • Coastal Wattle infestations around Nelson and Dartmoor
  • Vegetation under the high voltage transmission lines at Heathmere
  • Pittosporum mulching at Mount Clay and Annya
  • Vegetation along forest roads and tracks across the district.

Around 150 hectares will be treated as part of the mulching program. In addition to providing protection to townships, mulching assists with preparations for planned burning programs and treats invasive plant species, such as Coastal Wattle and Sweet Pittosporum.

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Slashing and mulching treatments play an important role in ensuring access to forest roads and tracks and make it easier for firefighters to contain fires when they occur.

FFMVic crews and contractors will use multi-terrain loaders with mulching and slashing attachments to treat dense ground vegetation and shrubs, and avoid established trees.

Mulching, and other fuel management works such as planned burning, roading works and slashing, are part of FFMVic’s year-round program to reduce bushfire risk for communities and the environment.

Reducing forest fuels mean fires are less intense, making it more likely that firefighters can contain them before they impact on people, property and the environment.

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