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Mortlake Power Station

Mortlake Power Station

Mortlake Power Station

Mortlake Power Station

Explosion Causes Outage.

An explosion at Origin’s Mortlake Power Station in Western Victoria has caused an outage.

In a statement, the company says a generating unit experienced an electrical fault early Monday morning, activating the unit’s fire detection system.

No one was on site at the time of the incident as the site can be operated remotely.

There was a couple of reports from people who heard a loud bang at the time the incident was reported.

The CFA attended the scene and gave approval for Origin to access the site for their investigations.

Origin is undertaking an investigation to determine when the unit can be returned to service.

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C.F.A. Region 5's Paul Marshall says three brigades attended the emergency response incident.

Mr Marshall says it was a very large generator which is housed within a 3 story building, and the energy produced from the explosion has caused extensive damage to both the generator and the building.

He says it's very lucky that no one was on site at the time of the explosion and that the plant is situated outside of town in a secure area.

From the damage that he has observed Mr Marshall is predicting it could be six months before the generator is back up and operating.

Origin investigators are currently onsite.

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