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Mice infestations

Mice infestations

Be prepared this sowing season

Grain growers in south-west Victoria are being urged to reduce available feed in the lead-up to sowing this season in a bid to help protect the seasons’ crops from mice.

High yielding crops in the past two seasons in parts of the Western District, Mallee and Wimmera have created a bonanza for mice in some paddocks .. according to Agriculture Victoria's Heather Drendel.

According to CSIRO rodent research officer Steve Henry baiting should be undertaken six weeks before sowing in cases where there are significantly high numbers of mice.

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"They need to be monitoring, getting out of the vehicle and going for a walk in their stubbles. The second this is, if they do think that they've got mice, that are a higher numbers than they would normally expect then about six weeks out from sowing, that's the time to do their first application of the bait. The other thing farmer's need to be cognitive of is they need to be talking to their bait suppliers." Mr Henry said.

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