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Lowan to expand

Lowan to expand

Emma Kealy

Victoria’s largest electorate, Lowan, is expected to expand as part of a redivision of Victorian electoral boundaries.

Member for Lowan Emma Kealy said the electorate already covers one-sixth of the state.

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"Lowan's already the biggest lower house electorate in the state. It's one sixth of the state of Victoria. The last time the electoral boundaries were moved Lowan gained 5,000 square kilometers. And this is simply because we have a far population that the Government's policy has resulted in more people living and moving to Melbourne than in regional Victoria. The local population actually hasn't changed that much but the rate of population growth hasn't been the same in the country as the city. So yes Lowan will get bigger. I'll catch another probably few thousand square kilometers, if I'm fortunate enough to be elected next time around."

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