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Source: Navman Australia.

Licence testing

Licence testing

Source: Navman Australia.

Must resume says Liberal Nationals

The Liberal Nationals are urging the Andrews Government to open up driver licence testing and extend hours to clear the growing backlog.

Young people applying for their licence, have been delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Shadow Minister for Rural Roads and member for the South West, Roma Britnell says VicRoads should open testing immediately with the appropriate safety precautions, extended weekday hours and introduce weekend testing to clear the waitlist.

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Ms Britnell says,

“Getting your Ps is a rite of passage for young people, but in rural and regional areas, having a driver’s licence is essential. Access to public transport is often non-existent, and people are living kilometres from towns and services.”

“Having driving tests cancelled is a kick in the guts, especially for young people. But having some idea about what will happen when restrictions are lifted will provide some comfort.”

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