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Photo : Leon Walker Photography (

Killer Whales

Killer Whales

Photo : Leon Walker Photography (

Seen in Portland

Killer whales have been spotted in Portland waters in recent weeks. Whales frequent the Portland Bay, Cape Nelson and Cape Bridgewater areas. On the 1st of August two killer whales were sighted off Cape Nelson, late in the day.

The two animals have been identified as EA_0012 - also know as Groovey and EA_0057. Groovey has been known to the catalogue since 2006 and EA_0057 since 2015.

David Donnelly, Manager of Killer Whales Australia said, this is the furthest west either animal has been sighted.

Killer whales that have been seen in Portland in the last few weeks or so are pretty much all known to the Killer Whales Australia Catalogue, which covers the whole eastern region of Australia. Some of these animals are known to run down to Tasmania and as far north as just south of Sydney. For the last couple of animals that were sited at Cape Nelson and Portland. It's the furthest west those two animals have been seen. Previously the female in that group was seen in Warnambool in February of this year so we're having some great success with our citizen scientists, particularly those people down at Cape Nelson who are very vigilant in photographing these animals, without those photos we don't know who those Killer Whales are.

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Local Whale watcher and photographer, John Morrissey captured Groovey and EA_0057.

"Well I was out there and just looking for Whales out at Cape Nelson and it just appeared, close in , just below the lighthouse. So I got my camera out because I had my camera on me and I just ... got good photos because I got a telephoto lens and the Whale wasn't too far out, so it wasn't that hard to capture. But because they move so fast it is hard to track them, but I just got a bit lucky and because I hung around for a little while I was able to get the photos."

"I often just go out looking and taking photos, and it's a nice place out there, just to go for a walk, so often I just go for my walks and keep an eye out for Whales.

He has seen approximately 30 whales this year including Humpback Whales, Southern Right Whales, and Killer Whales at Cape Nelson.

"It is the best viewing sport for the variety because the Southern Rights have been quiet this year... people have been sitting out at Cape Nelson looking for any sort of Whale that comes along because you are in deep water out there."

"If you just want to go a find a whale, just go out and sit down for an hour or so and just go for a walk around the Cape and you might just come across one... they are always out there and it's because Cape Nelson's a few ks out of town so if you go down to the coast , then quite often by the time you get out there, they're gone."

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