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Kelpie Muster need vols.

Kelpie Muster need vols.

Volunteers needed for coivd-safe event

Casterton's Kelpie festival is swiftly approaching, they require more volunteers, due to additional safety measures in place to host a COIVID-safe event.

Deputy Mayor for the Glenelg Shire Karren Stephens said these protocols require more assistance.

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"The Kelpie Association is back on track this year and we think that's really important to get some sort of normal back into our community and celebrate our annual event in June. So that's what we're doing, but of course there's levels of compliance there for a COVID-safe event, so we are looking for more volunteers."

"If anybody's got an hour or two up their sleeve, if they'd like to contact me, just email me at or give me a ring on 0417 527 200. We'd love to hear from you." Ms Stephens said.

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