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Just how old is your dog

Just how old is your dog

New theory

It turns out we have been wrong all along when it comes to us working out how old are dogs are.

The theory that you take a dog in human years and times seven is false according to the latest research.

There is a new theory on the table, however scientists explain that each dog is different in terms of breed and lifespan so finding the most accurate theory is difficult.

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The new formula is based on an epigenetic clock. That involves finding the natural logarithm of your pooch’s age, multiplying that by 16 and adding 31.

So how do you know what your dogs logarithm is? On your calculator use the “ln” button or head online to use a tool which will help calculate it for you.

So forget multiplying by 7 to work out your dog’s human age and start using this equation from now on:

Human age = 16ln(dog’s age) + 31

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