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Jobs available

Jobs available

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The Southern Grampians sure have positions available

The demand for workers in regional Australia has hit an all-time high, with more than 66,200 jobs available in regional towns and cities across the country, according to the Regional Australia Institute (RAI).

RAI CEO Liz Ritchie says this is the largest number since records began, surpassing the demand during the mining construction boom a decade ago.
“Regional job vacancies now account for nearly one third of all vacancies across the country.

The last time the labour market was this strong was during the mining construction boom in 2011-2012,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Back then, the overall economic situation was defined by the country’s two-speed economy, with job ads narrowly based in the resource-rich states and industries.

“By contrast, the current strength in the regional labour market is broadly based across all states and territories and occupations, with the greatest demand being for professionals and skilled tradespeople,” Liz Ritchie said.

In March 2021, a record number of jobs were advertised in regional areas of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory. In Queensland and Western Australia, regional job vacancies were not far below previous records, while in the Northern Territory, regional job ads have been trending higher over the past eight months.

RAI Chief Economist Dr Kim Houghton says the Dubbo and Western NSW Region recorded the strongest annual growth, with job ads up by 117% in the year to March 2021.

“Each and every one of the thirty-two regions outside of the mainland state capitals had more vacancies in March 2021 than in the previous month and also more vacancies than a year earlier,” Dr Houghton said.

The stand-out sector driving labour demand in regional areas is Health Care and Social Assistance, followed by Public Administration and Safety, then the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services sectors. To find more details, please go to the RAI’s Regional Jobs Vacancy Report.

“There are so many opportunities across regional Australia, which is why RAI has launched its national multi-million dollar Move to More campaign,” Ms Ritchie said.

The campaign’s television, radio and digital ads will begin rolling out from the end of May.

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CEO of the Southern Grampians Shire, Michael Tudball says there is certainly a lot of jobs available across the shire.

"There's so many jobs around the region at the moment ... in and around Hamilton, right across the patch. If you look at WDHS or Council there are a number of really good roles with Council, from apprentice, diesel mechanic, to trainees, to managerial positions and everything in-between. And particularly in the hospitality and tourism area - a lot of it is casual and part time.”

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