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Commonwealth Games bronze medallist, Mathew Flapper on field

The prestigious Ivan Memorial Triples event will be played this Saturday [12.06.21] in Dunkeld.

The competition will host an unbelievable field, with Commonwealth Games bronze medallist, Mathew Flapper playing.

Chairperson for the Far West District Bowls Division and committee member for Dunkeld, Simon Cullinane explains Ivan's legacy.

"Ivan as a life member of our club who passed away sadly three years ago now and this event is run in his name. His legacy to the club was that he wanted ... to get a drawcard of best bowlers in our area."

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Players are travelling from across the state to play.

“We have players coming from pretty well everywhere possible apart from COVID restricted areas - we had a team from Essendon that can't make it. But there are players coming from Geelong and down around that peninsular area there, obviously Portland Warrnambool, our local are as well, Bendigo. It's just a huge catchment area and it's going to be a hell of a field to play. The standard of bowls would be the best standard seen in this area, I would think for quite a while.” Mr Cullinane said.

There’s a significant prize on the line.

“There's a $1000 purse for the winners.” Mr Cullinane said.

“It's what they call section play, there will be winners for each section and a final play between the winners of each section. And obviously the winner will take the purse and there's also a runner up prize of $300.” Mr Cullinane added.

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