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Robert Doyle

Inappropriate behaviour

Inappropriate behaviour

Robert Doyle

Investigation finds Robert Doyle acted inappropriately on three occasions

An independent report into Robert Doyle’s behaviour has found the former Lord Mayor acted in a sexually inappropriate manner on three occasions.

Dr Ian Freckelton also found each of those instances came after Mr Doyle had consumed “substantial amounts of red wine”.

The adverse findings were made public on Tuesday.

Those findings related to “conduct that is inconsistent with the values of the organisation”.

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The four adverse findings were:

1. Both the Lord Mayor and then Councillor Tessa Sullivan were driven home by the Lord Mayor’s driver on Tuesday May 2, 2017. The Lord Mayor embraced Councillor Sullivan with right arm and left hand, deliberately reaching in and placing it on her right breast. Councillor Sullivan slapped his hand away.

2. In early December 2014, Councillor Cathy Oke was with the Lord Mayor and Councillor Mayne at a restaurant on Little Collins street. On a number of occasions the Lord Mayor placed his hand on Councillor Oke’s thigh so that his fingers were below her groin area stretched over her thigh, including inner thigh. On each occasion she brushed his hand away.

3. In late 2016 or early 2017, on a Tuesday night post council meeting, the Lord Mayor asked Councillor Oke to come to his office after both parties had consumed alcohol. When she entered the office he attempted to kiss her on the mouth, causing her to push him away.

4. It has been established each matter occurred in the context of the Lord Mayor consuming substantial amounts of red wine.
The full report will not be publicly released due to personal and health information provided on a voluntary and confidential basis.
The report is not judicial and Mr Doyle has denied any wrongdoing throughout.

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