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Funding extended

Funding extended

A clear plan is needed

Southern Gramapians and Glenelg Shire businesses are desperate to open up.

The state is forecast to record an unemployment rate of 11 per cent in the December quarter, and there are fears some businesses will not be able to afford to reopen once restrictions lift.

Premier Daniel Andrews said being open for a short period of time is not the strategy.

Lindsay Fush, Cafe's owner of Hamilton's Jake and Jude cafe said, if restrictions ease for Hospitality businesses, new rules need to be announced with enough time for businesses to enforce them.

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"It's sort of tough at the moment, when they make announcements... you can't just click your fingers and make things happen... so you implement one rule that they say we have to abide by, we implement procedures to try and make that work for us and then before we even roll it out sometimes there are new rules that are coming in."

Mr Fush is also concerned with what the long term effects of additional funding might be.

"A lot of the incentives that the Government's given us, I know with my business specifically, it's probably the only reason we're still open today."

"It starts to bring up the question, how long can they keep propping up business for? I suspect I'm going to have to pay this money back somehow."

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