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Funding Claim Clarified

  • Funding Claim Clarified

Baimbridge Principal Says Funding No Certainty

Baimbridge College principal Robert Vecchiet has quickly moved to correct a claim that the school 'will' receive substantial funding from a state government grant.

In a local media report it suggested the school 'will' receive a whopping $15 million dollars for a much-needed upgrade to its facilities, however, Mr Vecchiet says that is not the case.

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If the school received the funding which it has applied for it would allow it to ultimately build a brand new school.

The Baimbridge principal says the school is confident of receiving funding, but emphasised it is not guaranteed at this stage.

"There is no commitment yet from the State Government to fund any building works," Mr Vecchiet clarified.

"But we are certainly very high on the priority list and we are hopeful that come the May budget we will have a plan in place that the State Government can actually fund and progress it from there.

"We have been given a very positive response from the Victorian school building authority that the government wants to go forward with the master plan for Baimbridge College.

"Though there has been no commitment as yet, but things are certainly looking bright."