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Photo: Vicforests

Forest and timber sector

Forest and timber sector

Photo: Vicforests

The Green Triangle forest and timber industry 

Operations will continue for The Green Triangle forest and timber industry amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Mill shifts have been extended, staff members are travelling and working in isolation, and sanitisation stations have been set up to maintain safest operations.

The sector plays an instrumental role in not only the local economy but the states and nation supplying $1.5 billion in economic output.

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Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub executive general manager Liz McKinnon says the 7,000 strong work force, continue to follow strict COVID-19 prevention protocols.

Ms McKinnon says, the impacts of an industry shutdown would be unrecoverable, noting every effort was being made to accommodate workforce needs into the future.

“The Hub commend both the State and Federal Governments’, in particular our local parliamentarians, for duly recognising the sector as an essential service which must remain operational during this crippling pandemic."

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