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Farm scam

Farm scam

In Hamilton

A Livestock farming family near Hamilton have been scammed for over $40,000, paying the money to a fake bank account they believed to be a tax invoice for supplies.

Originally the email was legitimate, but the email was intercepted by scammers, changing the bank details for where the payments were intended.

Just one case has been reported, but First Constable Astrid Gao, of Hamilton Police, has concerns others will be exposed to the scam as well.

“My concern is, the payment for supplies on farms are a lot and these people are self employed,” she said.

“They are suffering now from the loss of a significant amount of money, after doing so much hard work and labour to earn that money in the first place.

“The issue is now with the banks and because of the policies in place, it will take time to see how the accounts were intercepted by scammers.

“This is the only case that has been reported to local police so far, but we want to make sure others aren’t being fooled by this.

“We implore that if you are paying out large amounts of money for your business, please check the bank details.”

Hamilton Police ask that if anyone has any questions or information regarding farm scams, to call the station on 5551 9100.

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