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Exposure update

Exposure update


Regional contact tracers are currently investigating a positive COVID-19 case who visited a school and fast food outlet in Hamilton last week.

Two staff members from a company based in Melbourne made a delivery of furniture to Baimbridge College last Thursday October 7.

One of the delivery men subsequently became unwell and was tested for COVID-19 on Sunday and returned a positive result. The other delivery person has been tested and returned a negative result.

WDHS has since tested six Baimbridge staff, who are believed to have had minimal contact with the furniture delivery team while they were at the school.

WDHS conducted rapid antigen tests on the Baimbridge staff members and their initial results have come back negative. PCR tests were also conducted and the results are expected soon.

The furniture delivery men were at Baimbridge for less than one hour according to the Company’s records and did not come into contact with students while at the school.

The WDHS advice is that the school itself will not need to be closed, or made a tier 1 or 2 site. However, three of the staff who came into direct contact with the case are considered tier 1 primary close contacts and must isolate for 14 days from the date of exposure (regardless of their test results). The other four Baimbridge staff members did not have direct contact with the case and are isolating until they return a negative result.

The furniture delivery drivers were also in-store at McDonald’s Hamilton between 12.20pm and 12.40pm on Thursday October 7. Our advice is that McDonalds will be designated a tier 2 site for staff and customers who were in store during this timeframe. Anyone who has attended a tier 2 site, must isolate and get tested until they receive a negative result.

WDHS are grateful for the proactive way in which the Furniture Company has reached out to Baimbridge College, which has led to school staff quickly isolating and getting tested. A big thanks goes to the Principal and staff for their response to reduce the potential spread of the virus in our community.

The case has been referred to the Barwon South West Public Health Unit.

WDHS will continue to update the community on the listing of exposure sites and will extend its Drive-thru operating hours, if demand increases for this service. If you have any symptoms, however, mild, or have visited an exposure site, please get tested.

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Baimbridge Principal, Warwick Price said, Baimbridge College has notified the Department of Education & Training, the Department of Health and Human Services and WDHS.

"Based on our enquiries the contact on site was incidental and all staff involved are fully vaccinated, have been tested and are isolating. Although some students were on site, they did not come into contact with the contractor during this period." Mr Price said.

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