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Drill Hill car park

Drill Hill car park

Safety and access upgrades

Drill Hill car park on Bentinck Street Portland will undergo safety and access upgrades.

The works will develop new parking bays, pedestrian pathways and establish additional wheelchair access. Also hazardous vegetation, which poses ongoing risks for slips and falls for users, will be removed. Native vegetation will planted in its place as part of council’s Urban Tree Policy.

Parking at the Bentinck street facility will be unavailable from this Monday for eight weeks.

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Glenelg Shire director, Edith Farrell said whilst there would be some necessary disruptions to parking, the project would ensure the facility was more inclusive to users.

She stated, “The car park will be completely re-configured with a new design to best accommodate motorists and pedestrians to make this already popular recreation space a much more desirable and accessible place for all to visit.”

Farrell further stated, “The most noticeable improvement will be the sealing of the existing gravel surface which is currently uneven and pools water during wet weather events. A designated flow of one-way traffic into the area and new ramps and pedestrian pathways will make this space extremely easier to access.”

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