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Take pictures not pavers

Take pictures not pavers


Poodges pavers can be seen all around Portland. For the past 8 years he's painted over 300 colourful, designs bringing smiles to many. Recently some have been stolen, leaving a hole in the ground. It has created a safety hazard and the artist, Lincoln Roberts asks they be left in the ground.

His words: take pictures not pavers.

"Pictures last forever and if you take a paver it's going to break someone's leg and if you break someone's leg then a lawsuit will come in."

"I never leave holes in the ground. I always put one back, when I'm taking it out there's always a paver in place when I'm doing the painting." Mr Roberts said.

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They take a fair bit of work.

"Some of them it's only an hours work, some of them take me 24 hours straight for one paver so they all vary from time to time, I've done 300. And out of all the pavers I've done I've been given $350 bucks from people just out of donations .. and a few cans of paint from people, the rest has been people just saying thanks so much."

Mr Roberts has been making art most of his life.

"My whole family are basically artists, my grandmother's an artist, my aunty, my cousins, my brother, everyone in my family has been an artist forever and ... I did art in school from year 7 - year 12."

The link to Mr Robert's Facebook page, highlighting his work:

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