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Camper Concerns

  • Camper Concerns

Police Seek Information For Rocklands Discovery

Hamilton Police are seeking public assistance in relation to a potential missing person case.

It has been confirmed that a boat, camping equipment and personal belongings have been located in a very remote location in the Rocklands Reservoir area, opposite the Glendenning boat ramp.

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Although police confirmed no developments have been made, they said some factors of the situation are raising alarms.

Sergeant Mark Phillips of Hamilton Police says the boat has been seen at Rocklands in the past, but in a different location.

He says the boat is not registered and there was no personal identification found on the campsite.

"It is a bit strange that it has been left as a full camp set up," he admitted.

"And effectively abandoned in an area that cannot be accessed except by boat.

"So that's what is sort of raising alarms for us.

"We really just need to speak to the owner to make sure they are ok and they haven't come to grief somewhere.

"There is nothing to say anyone has come to foul play... it is just out of the ordinary."

Anyone with information or that has seen anyone in the area is asked to contact the Hamilton Police station urgently on 5551 9100.

Police have released the below photos of the camp site and boat found unattended at Rocklands.