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Portland accommodation

Victoria House, a historical Portland residence built in 1856, catering for visitors to the region was purchased by Mandy Maniapoto and her partner John on the 29th of January this year (2021).

Mandy worked at the accommodation site for two years. Acquiring the place amid the global Coronavirus pandemic came as a shock to many. Yet they were confident visitors would be drawn to the iconic region … she was not wrong - the residence has been booked out ahead of the upcoming Easter break for three weeks.

She said, “Lots have people have been a bit taken aback that we brought in the times that we are but we've been very, very busy, and we weren't apprehensive about that at all because I think we have a lot to offer in the region and … I've worked there for two years so I know there's always people, it's an attraction to come there to that house because it's so old and it's one of the only heritage style guest accommodations like that left in Victoria that's left in such good condition, that's still working.

The establishment is centrally located.

We're located in Tyers Street, which is the block between the main street and the Beach and we're sort of in the center so it's a good spot, we can walk to everywhere and our bed and breakfast is a luxury heritage accommodation that was built in 1856. So it's double story and people enjoy it because they can come and sit by the fire and ... talk to the other guests and stay in an old place like that.

Reservations do not look to be slowing down anytime soon.

“Reservations have been really good actually, we're very, very busy for February ... it was better, really busy in March, booked out a lot of nights and coming up to Easter I've been booked out for about three weeks ahead which is really good and I hear a lot of Portland places are the same. And going into April … we've got the school holidays but I get a lot of business travellers … a lot of visiting doctors and businessmen and that sort of thing so yeah bookings are fantastic actually for all of Portland which is good for the whole region.

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There's plenty to see and do in the region. Ms Maniapoto suggests visitors get out and explore the great natural landscape.

“We've got the Great South-west walk of course, which is bringing a lot of the Melbourne people out because they can't travel overseas for hiking, so I get a lot of hiking groups staying and then they do the walk and then go home again.

She continued, “we've got our historic cable tram and botanic gardens have ben beautiful at the moment because we've had the dahlias and the Dahlia Festival. There's always fishing of course and lots of local things, you've got the rose gardens, and great cafes and restaurants and it's good shopping.

Ms Maniapoto says it’s important to book in advance due to the region’s popularity.

“I would suggest, as I do when they ring up is, if your planning to come to Portland try and book as soon as you decide you're coming because you might not get to stay where you want to stay. And also with our restaurants because we still have a little bit of spacing with tables and things you know if you're coming for a Friday and Saturday night, ring ahead and book a table.

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