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IMAGE: Maryignatiadi Pixabay

Book Fair on today

Book Fair on today

IMAGE: Maryignatiadi Pixabay

Fundraiser for local, Australian and overseas missions.

Mon -Fri: 10am - 5pm and Saturday mornings 10am - 12:30pm

The Hub (Next to Lincraft) Hamilton

The Anglican Book Fair is being held again as a fundraiser for local, Australian and overseas missions.

Event organiser, Sue Mason said, “We have every genre that there is, we have non-fiction, we have fiction -modern and ancient and we have children's books."

"We inherited this book fair from Community aid abroad 29 years ago ... and we've run with their idea and we always give a third of our funds away to an overseas mission or an overseas charity. The next third goes to an Australian mission. And the third one goes locally. We don't make any money at all for the Anglican church, all our proceeds are given away."

Everyone is welcome.

"We welcome everybody. This year will be a little bit different because of covid so we are asking that people wear masks and sanatise when they come in. And we will do the 2qm social distancing."

They are looking for volounteers.

"If anybody would like to help us man the store this year, we are a bit low on numbers of volunteers because of covid so if they can ring me I can arrange someone to do a little bit of training for them. We ensure that most times we have two people on together so that you've got a bit of companionship and an OH&S requirement."

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No more donations are needed for the first three weeks.

"Also this year which is a little bit different is that we've always accepted donations of book but this time for the first two or three weeks, we won't be expecting any donations at all. And that's because we had to cut short our shop last year at three weeks, so we still have a lot of new books that haven't seen the light of day to be put out on the teasels tomorrow and Monday. So people won't be getting old stock, they'll be getting new stock but that was kept over from last year. So people., if they've got donations and the community has always been wonderful and given us so many donations, if they can hold off on those for the next two or three weeks we would be grateful.” Ms Mason said.

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