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BOM 29.07.20

BOM 29.07.20

July's rain

Over the month of July Hamilton has 17 rain days.

Christie Johnson, Weather Forcaster at The Bureau of Meteorology says, most of these have only been a few millimeters, nothing particularly heavy.

The rest of the week looks to be fairly clear.

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"In the last month, in Hamilton we had 17 days where there's been measurable rainfall. Most of those have only been a couple of millimetres though, nothing particularly heavy. The highest was 10 millimetres on the second of July. In terms of forecast rainfall, there's really not too much forecast for the rest of the week. There might be a slight chance of a shower tomorrow Wednesday (29.07.20). Which most of the shower will be near the coast but maybe one or two showers just getting up towards Hamilton, but very small rainfall totals there, probably less than a millimetre. And then otherwise, nothing really forecast through till the weekend, perhaps on Sunday we'll see the next front affect us and then more showers through Monday and Tuesday. Not huge totals there also, although there is a bit of uncertainty around systems coming through Monday and Tuesday, looks quite cold but not particularly high rainfall totals. So not too much rainfall in the outlook for the rest of the month and through to the weekend." Ms Johnson said.

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