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Body Found Portland

Body Found Portland


A body was found in a van last night [22.02] after Fire rescue Victoria responded to a reported grass and scrub fire on the Cape Nelson road, Portland West at about 8pm.

The scene was handed over to police at this point.

Crews worked until about 3am to put the fire out.

They're returning this morning to ensure the fire is completely out and the area is safe.

Commander Greg Kinross said, "Upon arriving on scene they seen that the grass and scrub fire had taken off and they requested further tankers to assist, CFA provided up to 10 tankers to assist FRV crews to mop up the fire.

"During mop up period, a van was discovered and there was a body found in the van at that stage in which case the scene was handed over to police." He said.

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"Crews worked into the night, until about 3am to continue to put the fire out, also today crews are going back there to finish mopping up with Forest Fire Management Victoria crews as well as CFA crews. They will make the scene safe and make sure it's completely out." Mr Kinross said.

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