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Another case confirmed

Another case confirmed

Partner of Case No.2

Your actions now will save lives!

The partner of a man who tested positive to COVID-19 earlier this week also has the virus, after swabs were taken at the WDHS Drive Thru clinic.

Both individuals were in self-isolation together, after returning from the UK. Both have mild respiratory symptoms and remain in home isolation.
WDHS Chief Executive, Rohan Fitzgerald says as WDHS records its third COVID-19 case and global infections exceed 500,000, the message is increasingly clear – unless absolutely necessary, people must stay home.

“It’s now only a matter of time before we see community transmission in our local area, so your actions now will save lives.
To reduce the spread it is vital that people understand that keeping distance from others is our best defence and the most effective way of ensuring that our health services are not overwhelmed by patients in coming weeks.

People need to think very carefully about their community interactions. Seemingly insignificant catchups can have large impacts and expose many more people.

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We need to consciously change our behaviour, which is one of the hardest things to do. By pausing for just a moment, you give yourself time to reflect on the potential exposure you are creating for you, your loved ones and others in the community.

If your daughter visits her boyfriend, and you later head over for coffee with a friend, your friend is now connected to the infected person that your daughter’s boyfriend’s father shook hands with.

People need to stop, think and act, with every person they come into contact with. Social distancing measures are not about individuals, they are about us all working together to reduce the spread,” Mr Fitzgerald said.
As of Friday 27 th March WDHS has had three confirmed COVID-19 cases.

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