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Animal Safety

Animal Safety

Amid hot weather

As the south west today (25.01.21) continues to experience a heatwave, locals are urged to keep their pets safe.

Each year, the RSPCA receives hundreds of distress calls about animals, usually dogs, left in cars during the hotter months. And last summer alone, they received 468 reports of pet abandonment in hot weather.

Senior Inspector Rebecca Mullinger says animals being left in cars should be taken very seriously, as they can die in minutes.

"Even in temperate weather cars heat up really quickly to a temperature that is far above what any living animal can withstand," she says.

"So, it's really important that when we have our animals with us in our cars, if we do need to stop somewhere we take them with us. Otherwise, we leave them behind in our nice comfortable homes."

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She also reiterated the importance of making sure your pets can stay safe and comfortable throughout the heatwave. Ideally, pets should be kept inside, but if they are outside they should have plenty of shade and water.

"We want people to consider their animals as much as they would consider themselves, their children or anybody else in this hot weather," she says.

"And if you are going away on holidays or for the weekend, ensure someone is providing care to your animals on a frequent basis, and let your neighbours know about these plans so they don't think your animals have been abandoned."

Anyone who is worried about the welfare of an animal over the weekend can call RSPCA on (03) 9224 2222. If there is an animal stuck in the car, people are asked to call the police on 000, as time is of the essence and they can respond more quickly.

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