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Airborne Survey

Airborne Survey

Across Southern Grampians

In collaboration with state government agencies, Geoscience Australia will be carrying out a series of airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveys across eastern South Australia and western portions of Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales as part of the Exploring for the Future program.

This program aims to gather new information about the potential groundwater, mineral and energy resources beneath the surface and will lead to more informed resource management and better targeted investment.

You might see a helicopter or a fixed-wing aircraft towing equipment below make a single pass approximately 120 metres above the ground, along straight tracks 20 kilometres apart, (or 1 to 5 km apart in focus areas). If you have any concerns with this activity such as whether stock may be disrupted, please contact Geoscience Australia.

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Further information about AEM surveys can be found at: or you can contact Geoscience Australia on 1800 800 173.

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