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File photo: Keith Packenham

Air Quality Update

Air Quality Update

File photo: Keith Packenham

Across Western Victoria

The Western District has been engrossed in smoke yesterday today, as a result of the East Gippsland and Upper Murray North East fires.

The Environment Protection Authority is reminding residents smoke inhalation can affect people's health. Especially those with heart or lung conditions, such as asthma. The EPA is advising people to follow the treatment plan advised by their doctor.

As poor air quality remains in the region, the EPA further advises residents to, “stay inside your house if possible; close all windows and doors, avoid exercise outdoors.” They also recommend using a P2 or N95 filter mask, which can be purchased at a hardware store.

For further information regarding the poor air quality and to stay updated visit or the official EPA website,

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Agriculture Victoria has put out an animal health warning due to the smoke-filled region today.

Although animals “including livestock generally tolerate smoke and ash fallout from bushfires well”, “some animals, particularly cats, dogs and horses, may exhibit minor respiratory problems or eye irritation" Agriculture Victoria said.

The warning requests residents to seek advice from emergency services in areas where there are ongoing serious smoke problems.

They further recommend veterinary advice should be sort if owners are concerned about their animal being affected by the smoke and farmers with injured livestock should report it to Agriculture Victoria on 1800 226 226.

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